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We've always admired our good friends at Infinite Scale Design Group in Salt Lake City. But when they told us about their new green endeavor, Rescale Design, we were all, "GET OUTTA HERE! That's totally &$%#in' awesome!" (We're paraphrasing a bit.) ISDG is well-known for their track record of creating branded experiences for high-profile sporting events the likes of the Olympics and the Super Bowl. But what happens to all those signs and banners when the events are over? Rescale happens to them.

Rescale Design reclaims and repurposes materials from signage and banner systems created for many events ISDG is hired to help brand. The resulting products are beautiful keepsakes that are shining examples of a sustainable mindset. Through this new initiative, they are helping their clients strategize possible eco solutions to fabrics and vinyls that will keep them out of landfills.

We've had the pleasure of collaborating with the partners of ISDG since well before our inception as a company. Rescale is another example of why we like working with smart, creative partners and clients.

So check out the site and shoot them a note to find out where you can buy one of their products. Sign up for their mailing list because more info is coming later in the summer.

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